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Realistic Benefits Guidance

Your dedicated benefits advisor:


Gary has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years as a small business owner, insurance professional and investment manager. During his time, and as the industry has adjusted with legislation and consolidation, Gary noticed that smaller businesses were not getting the kind of support they needed when it came to business benefits. What started as a passion project, Gary founded Spokane Small Business Benefits to provide the much needed support and consultation to these small business owners when it came to understanding benefits for their companies and selecting the options that are the right-fit for them.

You know you need to talk to SSBB when you are asking:

• Do I really need to offer benefits?
• Which benefits should I offer?
• When should I offer benefits?
• Who do I have to offer benefits to?
• What is the true cost of benefits?
• Can offering medical benefits hurt my employees?
• What is the definition of “benefits”?
• Am I a large employer or small?
• Will my employees value the benefits I offer

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